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Fish and Ships

If you don't know by now, although I'm a pisces, I am NOT a big fan of fish. Swimming in a tank at the doctors office, Finding Nemo, my obsession with winning carnival goldfish as a kid aside, I don't like eating fish.

With that being said, I loved Fish and Ships onboard Royal Caribbean ships. The food is an additional nominal charge (like $2 - $8) and has UK favorites like fish and chips, battered sausage, chip butty's, as well as fried candy, fries, and fried shrimp. The food stand on the pool deck is a quick service option with a full bar and fried treats.

In 2019 I sailed the Independence twice and tried it both times. I am a big fan of malt vinegar on my hand cut fries, and I saw the vinegar in the pick up area, so decided to give it a try.

Provided by Royal Caribbean

What I loved:

The fries. I originally went there for fries, but ordered some shrimp for my mom and wife to share. I tried one of the shrimp, and it was really good. My second time on the Independence I got the shrimp twice, and one time it was delicious, but the other not so much. My mom, who loves fish and chips, has been waiting to get back on a ship with this restaurant because she loved them so much.

What I didn't love:

It can be hit or miss. Like I said above, the last time I sailed one time was delicious and the other wasn't. What was the difference? I watched the staff cleaning out the frier very thoroughly one night and didn't think much of it. The next day I had a few too many drinks and against my better judgement decided to get some shrimp and fries as a late night snack. What I discovered is that I will ALWAYS go the day after a deep clean, because I have been dreaming about those shrimp ever since.

Must try dish:

Personally, I suggest the fried shrimp and fries. Add a little ketchup and malt vinegar on the side, and you've got a delicious meal. If you've never tried malt vinegar on fries I highly suggest you do - but maybe it's a Maryland Boardwalk thing. I would also say the fish and chips are great from what I've heard from others, but can't give my personal perspective.

Visit or Skip:

If you don't mind spending a little more on your cruise you must visit this restaurant. If you prefer not to spend more money you won't be missing too much by not trying it. I, for one, will always have Fish and Ships if it's on my ship.

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